/WATCH: Mexico’s Opening of Tenders
WATCH: Mexico’s Opening of Tenders 2017-09-21T13:28:18+00:00

OE is proud to partner with Mexico's National Hydrocarbon's Commission (CNH) to bring our readers this live stream of Mexico's Opening of Tenders of the following Bids to look for a partner for Pemex on October 4, 2017.


The Ayín-Batsil area is located in the western part of the Isthmus Saline Province and in the offshore part of the Reforma-Akal Pillar Province, the main hydrocarbon producing province in the country, called Southeast Basins.

Cárdenas Mora

The Cárdenas field is located in Tabasco, 36 kilometers southeast of Comalcalco, and 7 kilometers of Cárdenas. On the other hand, the Mora field is located in the southwest part of Tabasco, in the Cárdenas municipality, about 12 kilometers north of Cárdenas and 29 kilometers of Comalcalco.


The Ogarrio field is located in Huimanguillo, Tabasco, 90 km southeast of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, and about 100 kilometers northwest of Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Watch live below.

For more information pleave visit: http://www.gob.mx/cnh/ or http://rondasmexico.gob.mx/.

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