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About Tabasco

Arturo Nuñez, Governor of the State of Tabasco

Arturo Nuñez, Governor of the State of Tabasco

“Tabasco has the biggest dedicated infrastructure to meet the demand for logistics and industrial services in the southeast part of the country. It also has a large part of the oil reserves of Round Zero, which are awaiting to be exploited by private companies and PEMEX. Proof of this trust in the medium term perspective are reflected in the best recorded direct foreign investment in the history of Tabasco, reported by the secretary of economic development, which indicates that in 2015 received $467.2 million of which 56% corresponds to the mining industry. Therefore, we understand that the Round Zero and the results of First three tenders of Round One, strengthens our position as the state with the biggest comparative advantage to generate business opportunities in the hydrocarbon sector.”
– said Arturo Nuñez, Governor of the State of Tabasco.

“In terms of infrastructure, we announce the construction of the new border port and its strategic location between the petroleum ports in Ciudad del Carmen and Dos Bocas, both with limited growth, which will have water front spaces to allow companies in the sector to develop their activities in the biggest development zone in Gulf of Mexico.”
– said Arturo Nuñez, Governor of the State of Tabasco.

The city is located in the southeast of Mexico between the rivers Grijalva and Carrizal, rich in natural resources that skirts past lagoons, marshes and wetlands. In addition to the city’s modern amenities (shopping malls, hotels, quality restaurants etc.) and being an important business center for the Mexican oil industry.

Two features distinguish Villahermosa from other southern Mexican towns: its beautiful parks, and the native Tabasqueñan people who relish getting together in large social gatherings.

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