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Federal Deputy, Georgina Trujillo Zentella
Federal Deputy, Georgina Trujillo ZentellaPresident of the Energy Commission of the LXIII Legislature
Gustavo Hernández
Gustavo HernándezGustavo Hernández Director of Resources, Reserves and Associations of Pemex’s Exploration and Production
Aldo Flores Quiroga, Ph.D.
Aldo Flores Quiroga, Ph.D.Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, Mexico
Oscar Roldán Flores
Oscar Roldán FloresHead of the National Data Center for Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)
Guillermo García Alcocer, Ph.D.
Guillermo García Alcocer, Ph.D.President of the Energy Regulatory Commission
David Madero Suárez, Ph.D.
David Madero Suárez, Ph.D.General Director, National Center for Control of Natural Gas (CENAGAS)
Ernesto Ríos Patrón, Ph.D.
Ernesto Ríos Patrón, Ph.D.Director General Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP)
Ricardo Fitz Mendoza
Ricardo Fitz MendozaSecretary of Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection State of Tabasco
David Gustavo Rodríguez Rosario, Ph.D.
David Gustavo Rodríguez Rosario, Ph.D.Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism State of Tabasco
Carlos de Regules
Carlos de RegulesExecutive Director, Industrial Safety, Energy and Environmental Agency
Lic. Pedro Jiménez León
Lic. Pedro Jiménez LeónSecretary of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development

Session Speakers

Rodrigo Hernández Ordóñez
Rodrigo Hernández OrdóñezDeputy General of Administration of the Hydrocarbons Sector, SENER
Hector Rocha
Hector RochaPartner Mexico City, EY
Alma Roberts
Alma RobertsDirector of Accreditation Programs at IADC
Brooke Polk
Brooke PolkDirector of Program Development and Technology at IADC
Dr. Alan H Smith
Dr. Alan H SmithDirector, Luchelan Limited
Octavio Perez
Octavio PerezDirector of Technology at Fluid Systems, Inc.
Leonardo Jiménez Carreño
Leonardo Jiménez CarreñoRegional Product Line Manager - Progressive Cavity Pump, Flush By & Corod – Latin America Production Systems, Weatherford de México
Andres Tovar
Andres TovarDirector, AMOG Consulting Latin America
Alberto Barbosa Gallegos
Alberto Barbosa GallegosTech Sales MPD-UBD |Secure Drilling Services, Weatherford de México
Alberto Silva
Alberto SilvaPartner of Environmental Department at Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados
Erik Manuel Priego Brito
Erik Manuel Priego BritoFounding Partner, Priego Brito Lawfirm
MDI. Carlos Alfonso Sandoval Miranda
MDI. Carlos Alfonso Sandoval MirandaGeneral Director, Grupo Parametrix
Dante Yamil San Pedro Jacobo
Dante Yamil San Pedro JacoboExecutive Secretary of the Mexican Academy of Energy Law
Dr. Esteban Jacques Moreno
Dr. Esteban Jacques MorenoFounding Partner, Consensus

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